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Our structural design and engineering company is one of the Top Leaders on the Steel Structures Detailing market.
We are proud to be a part of more than 300 completed projects,
over the last decade on such a competetive market

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All of our professionals are highly involved in many diverse projects.

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Each and every one of our employees has a diverse experience and skill sets.
We have more than 40 highly trained specialists.


We implement the most modern methods in structural design to produce high quality projects and best customer care.


We break down the project in simple and clear steps,
we focus and working very hard on all of them, communicating with a customer to meet the deadlines.


We are proud to be a part of more than 300 completed projects.
Check out some of them bellow.

Project of model building based on welded beams.

Example of Steel Detailing

The most commonly used type of structures based on welded beams of variable cross section
Such structures are very popular due to their simple design, low metal content and consequently low total cost of the project.

This type of construction does not take up much space when transporting.
Also it is not difficult in installation of such structures.
In this project applicable thin-walled girders to ensure the strength characteristics of the roof with the least weight of metal.

As a rule, the roofing on such buildings consists of standard sandwich panels located on the roof slope.
This design has a distinctly braced blocks which to begin installation with.
Since the blocks are braced on either sides of the building, the installation could be started from the both sides.

Пример проекта КМД

This type of construction is usually used in model building design and constructions with large span.

Example of Steel Detailing

Project of model building based on welded beams of variable cross section.

The project is based on the classical scheme with beams of variable cross section of large span. Clear span is 36 meters.
Columns of this structure are made of beams of variable cross section.

The project on the basis of such beams has several advantages compared with designs based truss. When slope farm 10% farm out of the square pipe would be 3.6 meters high. This greatly impedes its transportation and will significantly increase the unused space within the premises.

Пример проекта КМД

Runs are performed on a non-split scheme with overlap of thin-walled Sigma profiles.
Pakverk contains horizontal guides vertical sandwich panels with additional structural members for window and door openings.
At the top are constructions to mount equipment

This type of construction is characterized by extremely diverse structure of metal.
Different equipment leads to a variety of load locations on bearing structures and to a large variety of used steel structures.
A wide range of sizes of beams leads to an increase in the number of drawings Structural Steel Detailing.

This design includes about 30 pages of KM drawings and at least 2000 pages of Structural Steel Detailing drawings. Also in this project additionally marks were labelled.

- Beams
- Columns
- Stairs
- Floorings
- Handrailings
- Vertical bracing
- Horizontal bracings
- Connecting components

Structural steel detailing drawings for this project have been developed during 3 weeks.

Ice rink (2 hokey boxes).

Project of sports facilities indoor ice rink, two hockey rinks.
The project is designed by our experts on the basis of two span beams with variable cross section.

Example of Steel Detailing

The project is an example of designing sports facilities of small volume.
Wall panels are stacked on a vertical scheme, so horizontal guides were added .
The roof is made of sandwich panels which were laid along the line of slope water.
In the project we have developed the following sets of documentation:

КМ — Steel Structures basic design
КМД — Steel Structures Detailing
КЖ — RC structures
ППР — Manufacturing schedule
АР — Architectural design

The whole project was made by 4 engineers during 3 weeks from the start until the delivery of the project into production.

Пример проекта КМД

Typical project of technological overpass.

Example of Steel Detailing

The project is a typical technological overpass. This type of steel structures is typical in the design of factories and other production facilities.

This type of construction became widespread in the oil and gas industry.

It is characterized by extremely diverse structure of metal constructions.
Different equipment leads to a variety of load locations on bearing structures and to a large variety of used steel structures.
A wide range of beam sizes leads to an increase in the number of Structural Steel Detailing drawings.

This design includes about 30 pages of KM drawings and at least 2000 pages of Structural Steel Detailing drawings. Also in this project additionally marks were labelled.

- Beams
- Columns
- Stairs
- Floorings
- Handrailings
- Vertical bracing
- Horizontal bracings
- Connecting components

Пример проекта КМД

Project of standardized building on the basis of truss of the coupled area.

Project of standardized building on the basis of truss of the coupled area.
The building consists of a warehouse complex with office premises. The whole structure is assembled with bolted joints. Overlaps are made of reinforced concrete Building construction involves the placement of two overhead travelling cranes of 20 tons capacity. In the project we have developed the following sets of documentation:

АР — architectural concept (solution)
КМД — structural steel detailing
КМ — steel constructions
КЖ — concrete constructions

Example of Steel Detailing

At first have been developed the general concept of the building and set of architectural decisions. After approval of the architectural part of the project we made the calculation and 3D model building. At the next stage are executed set of KM drawings - metal construction. After an expertise we developed set of Structural Steel Detailing drawings - structural steel detailings.

Set of Structural Steel Detailing drawings are needed for fabrication by the plant manufacturer of metal structures. The developing of all documentation took us 30 days. The whole construction was developed using modern software products. Designing in 3D can significantly improve the quality of project documentation and reduce the project development time.

Example of Steel Detailing

Project of typical agricultural building.

This project is an example of the typical general-purpose room. This type of units is widespread in the agricultural sector.

Example of Steel Detailing

The whole project was made by 2 engineers during 5 days from the start until the delivery of the project into production.

This type of structures provides accommodation of crane tracks for mixing mobile crane.
The project involves the horizontal placement of sandwich panels for truss, as well as the sandwich panel for the roof along the slope.
This type of construction can be single span and multy-span
The span of construction can be up to 60 meters.

Example of Steel Detailing

Tent construction.

Example of Steel Detailing

The project consists of a technical room for accommodation large-sized military items.The technology of erection of these building implies no conditions for welding works.

Development of construction documents was carried out in the General design format which means development of all sets of construction documents. The whole project was made by 8 engineers.

Full cycle of documentation development took us 3 weeks.

Example of Steel Detailing
Example of Steel Detailing

Industrial building, truss-based project.

A typical project of the industrial building with a crane track which is designed for 10 tons. The load is stated in the technical specifications. We have designed the following sections of the construction documents

— КМ - Steel Structures Basic design
— КМД - Steel Structures Detailing
— КЖ - RC Structures
— АР - Architectural Design

Roof structure consists of a truss from pipes of square section. This type of construction is one of the most common type in Russian Federation. This type of construction is characterized by minimum metal content.

The whole project was made by 3 engineers during 5 days Example of Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Detailing drawings for this project were developed during 3 weeks.

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Structural design development

An example of work on client's application
This scheme defines step-by-step process from evaluation to 100% complete of the project

  • Processing your application

  • Singing the contract

  • Generating 3D model

  • Drawings publication

  • Finishing the project

Submit a Request

Evaluation process may take anywhere from 5 minutes up to 1 hour depending on complexity of the project.
We'll send you an offer with price of your project and required time frame.

Our prices

Next we'll negotiate contract terms.  Usually, we use standard design contract. The start of a project is the same date as the first payment. The 3-D model is being developed and being discussed with the customer. After that design drawings are to be published.

Corrections or additional requirements are to be discussed in written form. Any significant amendments are to be discussed with manager in order to clarify whether it requires additional time to finish design project.

When finishing the project, we provide to a customer full set of design documentation except installation drawings. Therefore, a customer is provided with the drawing to start manufacturing steel structures. Assembly drawings are provided after the full payment.

You will have your personal manager throughout the entire project. He will perform his best to lead your project and consult you with any question you may have.

Что такое чертежи КМД - описание и назначение

What is steel structures detailing?

Steel structures detailing is an essential part of steel structures design. Manufacturing of steel parts (details) is being fullfilled in accordance with detailing drawings. Bills of materials show the amount of steel being consumed for this particular structure.

Steel structures detailing includes installation drawings to indicate the exact position of each part (detail) ot the installation stage.

Steel-structures detailing documentation.

Cover Sheet

This includes general information about the project, seals and signs.

Installation Drawings

The installation process is being held in accordance with these drawings.

Joint Drawings

These drawings shows the main structural joints.

Single part Drawings

This is a set of drawings of each part with all the dimensions to produce it.

Assembly drawings

These drawings display how to weld detail pieces to each other.

Steel Cutting Sheets

Drawings for plasma-cutter

Bill of structural bolts

The list and number of bolts to be applied in a structure.

Bill of Materials.

List of materials required for manufacturing.

Shipping List

The list and the number of marks.

  • Лист титульный проекта КМД - описание и назначение

    Cover Sheet

    Cover sheet is the first list of any project. This sheet is to be arranged to meet all client's requirements.  The cover sheet is a mandatory part of the project Structural Steel Detailing. This sheet is the first sheet of the project and it is made according to customer's requirements.

    This sheet includes the following information about the project:

    • — Legal name of the Client
    • — Legal name of the contractor
    • — Contractor's CEO full name
    • — Head engineer's full name
    • — Signatures of CEO and Head engineer
    • — Sealing “for construction”
    • — Contractor's sealing

  • Выборка металла КМД - описание и назначение

    Bill of materials

    This bill shows the full list of materials needed to manufacture steel structures. This bill is the basis to evaluate the price of a structure and further material purchasing.

    Needless to say, the material loss for cutting is not considered in this bill. This can be considered in steel cutting sheet.

    Usually, the loss for cutting and surfacing is 1 % and 3 % from the total mass respectively.

  • Ведомость отправочных марок КМД - описание и назначение

    Shipping list

    This sheet includes all the marks (assemblies) of a structure.

    Mark (assebly) is an structural element which is being sent from a workshop

    Each assembly is marked in accordance with shipping list. Then each shipment from a workshop is being weighted and compared with shipment list.

  • Монтажные схемы КМД - описание и назначение

    Installation drawings

    Installation drawings consists of plans and sections with marks of assemblies. The installation process is based on these drawings.

    There are a several types of structures shown on drawings so each type is placed on separate drawing. For example: bearing structures, coverings.

    Also, installation drawings may display typical joints.

  • Чертежи отделительных деталей КМД - описание и назначение

    Single-part drawings

    These are the drawings needed to manufacture parts of a structure. Therefore each drawing consists of one part with all dimensions and other properties.

    It is necessary to place an unique mark on each part so it is easy to trace how this part is being produced at workshop.

    Also, single-part drawings depict how many parts with this mark are needed and which assemblies include them.

  • Чертежи сборочные КМД - описание и назначение

    Assembly drawings

    This set of drawings may take up to 90-95% of each steel-structures detailing project. The drawing show dimensions and general size of each assembly.

    Usually, these drawings show the placement of each part respectively to each other.

    Sometimes single-part drawings are added into assembly drawings. So each assembly drawing includes the drawings of each part of an assembly.

    These drawings includes bills with marks of each detail and marks of assemblies.

Technologies we use

We use the most recent methods in structural design.

One of our main purposes is control and automation at structural design which leads to decrease risks based on human factor.

This helps to decrease expenses and amount of time spent on structural design.

3D Modeling

Each project is designed as 3D model


Steel-structures detailing drawings are generated automatically

Bills of materials

All bills of materials are calculated automatically

(BIM) Multi-user modeling

All engineers are working on the same project at the same time

Steel cutting sheets

These schemes are generated automatically

Adaptation for CNC

Control files are generated automatically


The steel structures design project can be submitted as in electronic as in printed forms. The number of printed copies is to be discussed with a customer when signing the contract. Electronic format can be submitted in following formats:

Single-page PDF

Standard document format. One sheet in one file

Multi-page PDF

Standard document format. The whole project in one file


Standard document format


Standard file format for drawings


Standard file format for drawings


Standard file format for drawings

Steel-structures detailing design time

The amount of time for each steel-structures detailing design project is individual for each project. Several factors such as complexity, project scale and others are to be considered in order to estimate the amount of time needed for each project.

Also the initial data is an important factor to estimate the amount of time needed to develop structural detailing design. Usually it takes up to half an hour to process the initial data and estimate timing for a project.

The exact timing is to be sent with a with a commercial offer.

If a project is formed with several buildings and needs stepwise submission, then a schedule chart is to be added to a commercial offer.

Calculation of joints in steel structures

Usually, the calculation of joints in steel structure is needed to develop steel structures detailing design. This is based on the initial data (steel structures basic design) and how deeply it is elaborated. Therefore a contract is applied with additional requirements on design documentation. Detailed study of the calculation of all the project components can greatly increase the complexity of the final project and thus increase the time and cost of designing. The result of joint calculation is to be presented in a form of a calculation note. In order to calculate joints in steel structures, the actual loads acting on each element are needed. Therefore, if the actual loads cannot be lighted in the steel structures basic design, it also can be developed beforehand.

Additional modifications

While working on steel-structures detailing design project, a client can apply additional requirements on final project. Sometimes, these are the requirements to replace one beam profile with another or to replace hot rolled section with welded section. Therefore, it may affect the specifics of joints. This leads to modification of the model. These modifications are to be discussed with the head engineer and the final solution is to be accepted.

Our licenses

Our company is licensed to develop documentation for steel structures basic design,
reinforced concrete structures, and architectural design.
We are using certified Tekla Structures under official licensed agreement.

Our prices

The price evaluation for each project is individual; however the typical range of prices can be established. The price for steel structures detailing design is shown for 1 ton of steel structures.

Simple structures




logistic facilities,

any other constructures

on the basis of truss.

Standard structures


Any industrial,



are reffered as

standard structures.


Complex structures


Curved surfaces

as built-up

roofs of airports,

stadiums, etc are

reffered as complex structures

Payment process

The payment is being held as a cashless payment. The form and the amount of each payment is discussed by both sides beforehand. The actual start date is the same as the date of the first payment.

The first payment takes 30% of the whole sum of contract. The further payments are being conducted in accordance with terms of contract which is discussed by the representative of our company and a client.

The payment can be carried out in Rubles or in any foreign currency by the current Central Bank course.

  • The first payment (30% first)

  • Designing start date

  • Interim payment

  • Finishing of design work

  • Final payment

Что такое чертежи КМД - описание и назначение

Buy a design project

We have a set of hundreds of standard projects. Such as warehouses, logistics and industrial facilities and all of them have been already used in real life.

Purchase of a standard project, could be completed in 1 working day!

Our specialists

Out team of structural-engineering department includes more than 40 specialists
which are very experienced and very professional. This allows processing all the application in a short time.
All specialists of our company are qualified and highly trained.

Сотрудник компании Безуглов Вадим

Vadim Bezuglov

Senior Manager

Helping customers to prepare the initial data and project requirements. Also arranging work on your project and consider all the details. Developing and discussing with a customer the work schedule for steel-structure detailing project.

Сотрудник компании Соколов Юрий

Yuri Sokolov

Head engineer

I will answer all your technical questions and personally supervise the quality of work.

Our engineers are qualified an trained to perform structural design of any complexity and meet any requirement of a client.

Сотрудник компании Куликов Арений

Arseny Kulikov

Design rule check Engineer

My direct aim is to provide the quality of design project.

It is my responsibility to control the compliance of each project with the design codes.

Сотрудник компании Шпелев Алексей

Alexey Shepelv

Project Manager

Supervising the project untill it is submitted and final. I'm also responsible to discuss all the issues related to modifications in the project as well as meeting client’s requirements.

I will answer your questions about cost of structural design for you project.






Фото заказчика

Is this enough to apply on-line or should I also call on you contact number?




Фото нашего специалиста

An on-line application is enough, if you have put your contact details. However, if you need the information about your project in short-time, I would recommend you to give us a call.




Фото заказчика

Should I send you the whole steel structures basic design project or is it enough to send just part of it?    




Фото нашего специалиста

Usually, the whole basic design project is needed in order to evaluate the price and the timing.

Payment Order




Фото заказчика

How many payments the whole sum can be divided into?


Фото нашего специалиста


It depends on the scale of the project.


Фото заказчика


Can your company start working on the project without the first payment?


Фото нашего специалиста


Unfortunately not, the start date of working on the project is the day of the first payment.

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